Messy Play, 活動介紹

Messy Plays – Play Out of the Box

“Nature Play in the City” organizes Messy Plays for children aged 1 to 8, aiming to ignite their inborn senses to explore and understand the world.  Our Messy Plays also encourage children to create things in their unique ways. 
In our Messy Plays, children can explore natural materials safely, explore and discover new playing methods with parental support.  After sufficient explorations, children can assemble the materials and create new pieces of artwork.  We believe that children’s mindset of designing and creativity can be strengthened with our inspirations. 

Children learn through their senses, and therefore, the sensory development, which includes sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, etc. is crucial for their healthy growth.  Proper stimulation in the early stage could help enhance children’s curiosity and sensitivity towards their living environment.  That could help build the foundation for their future learning and adaption to the world. 
 Since 2015, “Natural Play in the City” has held Messy Plays every month.  We have developed fun and simple ways to play with various materials.  Some of them are invented by our participating children!  We understand that every child has different reactions towards the same thing.  Some of them feel comfortable with the materials quickly while some need more time to get close to the materials.  Some feel unhappy to get “dirty” and some may have unexpected feeling with the materials.  Our mission is to assist every child to attempt stepping out of their comfort zones and encourage them to try things in their “unusual” ways.  Through our plays and parental supports, we believe children can engage themselves into their own exploration world gradually.
Our plays:
Messy Exploration Play (1 -3 year’s old) : We focus on children’s exploration of different types of materials and inspiration of curiosity and sensory stimulation.
Messy Art Play (3 -8 歲):We focus on children’s understanding and application of different types of materials, collaboration with others and creation of children’s art piece.
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